Drama and Music


Expressing our faith through drama and music is an important aspect of our regular Sunday Services. We  are blessed by having a thriving Church Choir and talented organists that regularly take part in the more formal styles of Worship.

Our music group provides  contemporary music  for our Breakfast and FIVE Café , Impact and All Age Worship Services.

William T on guitarNick S on drums






We are progressively increasing our range of modern worship songs, including those written by a talented member of our church family, Paul Thompson.
We also believe that drama is a way of bringing to life passages from the Bible and to illustrate  the Christian message.

We have a small group of budding thespians who regularly perform in our Services.

A Family Event

It has now become traditional to hold  a Pantomime and a Musical each year.

Gospel show 2016Gospel show Jesus






This is truly a family event with people taking part from the age of 4 to 70+.
it is a fun activity for those performing as well as an enjoyment for the audiences that attend.

It has been said that the draw of the end of show party is the reason so many people want to take part! 

These two events are a valuable part of our outreach since for many of those involved it is their only formal contact with a Christian group.