Helen Owen one of our church members, regularly goes on mission to Uganda and works closely with the people of small, very poor villages.


In March 2017  a project was initiated to build the
Centre International Primary School and Church
in the community of Kirinya, Kampala.
The classes have partion walls which can be folded back to  create a church.




The nursery is still made of  old iron and wood but now a brick building is under construction.





In March 2017 Helen with her sons Thomas and James visited.

They took many gifts of pens, pencils etc, items for school uniform, football boots, trainers, clothing, knitwear and blankets.
Money donations were used to buy school
T shirts.




Helen is very  grateful for all the donations from church family and friends. They make a big difference and bring great joy.
Next visit will be in May 2018. For further information about this project
contact Helen  01925 752280