Helen Owen (a member of our church) regularly goes to Uganda on mission and works closely with the people of a small, very poor village. In March 2017 they began building the Centre International Primary School in Kirinya, Kampala, Uganda.





Helen officially opened The Centre
International Primary and Nursery School in May 2018.  The school has been granted a licence, permit and Education Ministry number and is now on the national database in Uganda.  We have gone from foundations to fully fledge school in 15 months.  Everyone has worked very hard to get to this stage and there is still much to be done and ongoing support needed to sustain the school, teachers and children.

Helen led the annual Catch Fire Conference working with Ugandan Pastors.  It was highly successful – a full church of men, women and children whose lives were transformed by the love of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Helen took a printer for the school, jumpers for the men (thanks to Loving Hearts and Hands), shirts and reading glasses. Please continue to give her whatever you can to take out.


Helen and the children are thankful for everything, it makes a big difference and bring great joy. Thank you to  all the donations from the church family, friends and those who’ve given in response to the Uganda notice board in the Church hall.

The next visit is November 2018.
For further information contact
Helen Owen Tel 01925 752280
30 Huntsfield Close,
Lymm, WA13 0SS