Devotions – 23rd October 2016 : “Reimagining Power” (Luke 18:9-14)


13 “But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’
14 “I tell you that this man, rather than the other, went home justified before God. For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.”

Reflection by Charles Spurgeon ‘The Prince of Preachers’
(from “A Sermon for the Worst [Person] on Earth” Sermon No. 1949: A SERMON DELIVERED ON LORD’S-DAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 20, 1887, BY C. H. SPURGEON)

It was the fault of the Pharisee that though he went up into the Temple to pray, he did not pray. There is no prayer in all that he said. It is one excellence of the publican that he went up to the Temple to pray and he did pray — there is nothing but prayer in all that he said. “God be merciful to me a sinner” is a pure, unadulterated prayer throughout!
It was the fault of the Pharisee that when he went up to the Temple to pray, he forgot an essential part of prayer which is confession of sin — he spoke as if he had no sins to confess, but many virtues to parade. It was a chief excellence in the devotion of the publican that he did confess his sin, yes, that his utterance was full of confession of sin! From beginning to end it was an acknowledgment of his guilt and an appeal for Grace to the merciful God. The prayer of the publican is admirable for its fullness of meaning. An expositor calls it a holy telegram — and certainly it is so compact and so condensed, so free from superfluous words — that it is worthy to be called by that name. I do not see how he could have expressed his meaning more fully or more briefly. In the original Greek the words are even fewer than in the English.

[ὁ  θεός (O God),  ἱλάσθητί (be merciful)  μοι (to me) τῷ   ἁμαρτωλῷ (the sinner)]

Oh, that [Christians] would learn to pray with less of language and more of meaning! What great things are packed away in this short petition! God, mercy, sin, the propitiation and forgiveness!

Hymn StTF 34 “O Worship The Lord In The Beauty Of Holiness”, by J. S. B. Monsell:

4       These, though we bring them in trembling and fearfulness,
he will accept for the name that is dear;
mornings of joy give for evenings of tearfulness,
trust for our trembling, and hope for our fear.

Prayer – “The Jesus Prayer”
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. (Repeat several times)

Bible Readings for this week

Mon 24th October                Matthew 15:1-20; Psalm 35:9-18
Tue 25th October                 Matthew 15:21-31; Psalm 36
Wed 26th October               Matthew 15:32-39; Psalm 37:1-11
Thu 27th October                 Matthew 16:1-12; Psalm 37:12-29
Fri 28th October   John 15:17-27; Psalm 117
Sat 29th October Matthew 16:13-27; Psalm 37:30-40

For further Bible Study on these readings, please see ‘A Word In Time’ on the Methodist Church website

Revd S. D. T. Froggatt

JOY – Jesus Others You

Sunday 23rd October is the beginning of Half Term, so there will be no “JOY” children’s activities during the morning worship.

We look forward to seeing you all again in November.

Kathleen Froggatt

Advent Study Groups

This year’s Advent course will be entitled LIVING IN THE LIGHT.
Beginning week commencing 21st November. There are three sessions
Tuesday morning (Lymm)
Wednesday afternoon (Lymm)
Thursday afternoon (St Martin’s)

If you would like more details or a copy of the  course booklet please contact Graham Pegg before Sunday 6th November. The booklet cost £3.60
(contact details are tele 01925 756730  –  email


A  light party is being organised by representatives of local churches as an alternative to Halloween. This will be held at Lymm Baptist Church on Monday 31st October. There will be two sessions 5.30pm – 6.30pm for Key stage 1 and 6.30pm – 8pm for Key Stage 2. More info and book in

If you can help with this event (preparation and/or on the night )please contact Katy Hansford 07743157216



Annual salary £10,000 plus pension – basic working week will be 20 hours, which will be flexible and will include evening work.

Main Scope of Post
 The main scope of this new post will be to take the ideas below further (as prioritised by the church) by developing partnerships and expanding the volunteer base, starting new services and ensuring their long term sustainability.

  • To help children and young people to explore the Christian faith in a creative and dynamic way.
  • To strengthen and grow our existing work with children and families.
  • Look to initiate, develop and deliver innovative new activities for children and young people in the Lymm area.
  • Supporting existing volunteers working with children and families and, where necessary, assist with recruiting and training new volunteers.

There is a genuine Occupational Requirement for the holder of this post to be a Christian.

To apply please complete the application form.

Closing date: 12 noon on Monday the 17th October 2016

View details of the Advertisement.
View Job Description
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Download Application form

A Big thank you

 What a Blessing

                                                                                     Local Mission

Mike Cotes wants to let everyone know that in August the Market Lunches team has raised £149 that will be split 50/50 between Room at the Inn (a charity in Warrington for the Homeless)  and to help support the Lymm Youth Worker.

                                                                                Mosquito Nets

Katy Hansford reports that we raised enough money to mosquito nets certificatebuy 55 mosquito nets via the Present Aid
(part of Christian Aid) to help  some of the
2000 children worldwide who die each day from malaria.





More than One Million Ugandan Shillings

Helen Oweugandan is pleased to say that she has received  £260 for the Uganda Mission towards buying a piece of land to build a new school next to the church.







Methodist Conference News

This year’s Methodist Conference took place in the first week of July at Westminster Methodist Central Hall. Revd Dr Roger Walton is the new President and Mrs Rachel Lampard MBE is the new Vice-President. Each gave powerful opening speeches on the broad theme of “Holiness and Justice”, with Micah 6:8 being a key presidential verse this year:

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.     And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy     and to walk humbly with your God.

Micah 6 verse 8

Mic. 6:8  He has told you, O mortal, what is good;  and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness,  and to walk humbly with your God?  (NRSV)

Read Roger Walton’s speech “Holiness” and Rachel Lampard’s speech “Justice“.

After his first year in office, the Secretary of the Conference, the Revd Gareth J Powell, gave a reflection to the 2016 Methodist Conference entitled “A Cross And A Crown“.

I recommend to all church members and friends that they read these three speeches, and take time to reflect on Micah 6:8 for themselves.