Update COVID 19

In line with government policy the Eagle Brow premises have been closed since March.

Over the intervening time Tom and Derek have checked the premises on a regular basis and the Finance and Property Committee are at the early stages of developing preliminary plans for their possible opening at some future date.  Key inputs to the plans are guidelines from the Methodist Connexion plus District and Circuit Teams. 

You will have recently heard that the government is relaxing the restrictions on places of worship and has announced;  

 ‘From Monday 15 June places of worship will be permitted to open for individual prayer in line with social distancing guidelines’.

Subsequently we have received the following communication from the Chair of the Liverpool District

‘Following the recent announcement to allow churches to open for private prayer from the 15th June, the Superintendents of the Circuits of the Liverpool District conferred together to agree a way forward’.

‘Whilst recognising that some of our buildings have been open throughout the lockdown for essential reasons, such as hosting the foodbank or providing meals to vulnerable people, the decision was made not to open the Methodist Churches across the District for individual private prayer even though we have the permission of the government to do so’.

Methodist Churches in the Liverpool District will Remain Closed.

If you would like to have a copy of the Liverpool District’s full statement that included the reasoning behind their decision then please contact John Woodthorpe.

The Finance and Property Committee will continue to develop detailed contingency plans so that at the appropriate time we can once again safely meet as a family for worship together.